WOW Africa: Safari Adventures in South Africa

Interview with Martin Snyman, PH and Guide at WOW Africa Madaka Game Ranch in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Madaka Game Ranch is declared as a Natural Heritage Site by former President Nelson Mandela. Four hours drive away from Johannesburg, Its beautifully scenic drives, hiking trails and walks will leave you with the feeling that you have been one with nature. Madaka Game Ranch is ideally situated being adjacent to the beautiful Ithala Game Reserve, one of the most beautiful in the Southern Africa. In the heart of the former Zulu Empire as well as being well placed to visit the Battlefields, Madaka is the best perfect spot to relax and enjoy your visit to Zululand.

We discuss, game management, eco-torusim and conservation and how hunting benefits both the animals and habitat.

WOW Africa also supports and engages in Community Projects: Since 2014, WOW Africa has assisted the nearby rural community with funding for the two schools on its border. Projects include food for the children, school clothes, winter clothes, repair of school structures, upgrading of the school kitchen and donations in the form of prizes for the pupils at their year-end prize giving ceremony. With the help of clients, we have contributed almost $10,000 towards the children and the school. Pictured below is the school that WOW Africa will be targeting for 2016; here, Grade 1– 7 learners share three classrooms with a kitchen. Our aim is to replace the mud school before the end of 2017 with a proper school, as well as construct an outside kitchen for the children. WOW Africa would like to thank all past clients for their donations in this regard.


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