How to photograph sharks

PD19:<Audio> Underwater filmmaker Don Tipton, discusses the techniques on how to photograph sharks. Don also talks about Shark Research Int and Stuarts Cove.

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Cave Diving in North Florida. Sound Scene Tour of Cave Diving the Springs of Northern Florida. Interview with Ralph DiPanfilo of NSS-CDS.

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Tim O Leary Director of Tech Diving for NAUI. Peter Ready of STEAM MACHINES, maker of the Prizm Topaz rebreather. Send us your feedback at SUPPORT POD DIVER RADIO- VOTE for POD DIVER RADIO at PODCAST ALLEY Contact Joe Cocozza at Contact Rescue Diver Rachel at Copyright 2006: Jagermeer Media LLC/PDMG

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PD-15 <audio>

Interview Dr. Bruce Weinki Los Alomos Nat Labs. Review KISS CCR from Jetsam Technolgies. 

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Physical fitness and the Technical Diver

PD14: <audio> Interview with Karl Shreeves of PADI DSAT; we discuss Physical Fitness and the Technical Diver. 

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Dr. Richard Vann of Divers Alert Network discusses hyperbaric science and tech diving. Reviews the freediving documentary, "CAYMAN 2005. Diver Down" Interview with Martian Stepanek, world champ freediver.

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Decompression Safety Interview: With Dr. Richard Vann Phd of DAN.

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Interview with Donna M. Uguccioni, MS Diving Physiologist/Research Coordinator DAN. Hyperbaric Science

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Side Mount and No Mount diving. Interview with Terrance Tysal of Cambrian Foundation. Explorer and cave diving instructor. "

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From DIVER TWO Dive Center, Nitrox Membrane Mixing systems and Dan Crowel discuss Tech Dive Training.


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Drysuit Repair tips. With Bob Benson PADI MSDT 

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PADI Specialty of the Month: Enriched Air Nitrox.   For more info about PADI Specialty of the Month check out our website

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1. Membrane Nitrox mixing systems.
2. Dan Crowell talks about CCRs

LINKS: and  email 

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Remembering my Mom
Current mood: melancholy
Category: Life

May 6, 2008, marks the 2nd anniversary of my Mother (Mary E Kurland) death. When she died at 3 AM, I was in North Carolina driving up I95. I wanted to say good-bye, one last time but I did not make it.

Yesterday, my kids, and me visited her gravesite. My daughter left an origami crane with a message to her "Grandma Mary". We all cried and hugged.

My son asked me "What happened when we die?" I said, "I don't know, I don't know."

Alone at the marker, I said my goodbyes to my Mom, it is time to move on, to live in the moment. Her grandchildren are growing up so fast and its time for to let go of the pain. Only now, can I remember her and not cry but smile and be glad for all that she gave me.

Good by Mom, I love you so much. I will always remember you.



Beloved words and music by VNV Nation

it's colder than before
the seasons took all they had come for
now winter dances here
it seems so fitting don't you think?
to dress the ground in white
and grey

it's so quiet I can hear
my thoughts touching every second
that I spent waiting for you
circumstances afford me
no second chance to tell you
how much I've missed you

my beloved do you know
when the warm wind comes again
another year will start to pass
and please don't ask me why I'm here
something deeper brought me
than a need to remember

we were once young and blessed with wings
no heights could keeps us from their reach
no sacred place we did not soar
still greater things burned within us
I don't regret the choices that I've made
I know you feel the same

my beloved do you know
how many times I stared at clouds
thinking that I saw you there
these are feelings that do not pass so easily
I can't forget what we claimed was ours

moments lost though time remains
I am so proud of what we were
no pain remains, no feeling
eternity awaits
grant me wings that I might fly
my restless soul is longing
no pain remains, no feeling
eternity awaits

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POD DIVER 001 (The first epsiode from 2005)

THIS IS A RE-FEED PDR Episode 1: (refeed) This was my first podcast. Originally produced 1 year ago on Aug 2 2005. I think the show has improved since then. The 1 year episode of Pod Diver Radio will be out by Aug 4, 2006. So stay subscribed. In this episode, I talked about the idea of the podcast and played a radio documentary about NJ shipwreck diving.

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Don Tipton discusses how to shoot underwater video of sharks.

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We discuss how HID light lights work and why they are ideal for technical diving. Barry Miller is an experanced cave diver and designer of specialty underwater lighting. His Company SALVO make lights and is based in High Springs Florida.

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PD-2: <audio>

Sidemount, doubles, single tank. Cave diving or Wreck Diving. The Transpac system explained by the inventor.

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PD-1 <audio> Philippe Cousteau Jr. Interview

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