CMAS: Interview w/ Director & Instructor Trainer of CMAS.

CMAS:  The World Wide Underwater Federation  (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)

CMAS is an international and multi-faceted organization that promotes scuba training, aquatic sports and the aquatic sciences. It is one of the oldest and most extensive dive training systems.  While in the Azores we interviewed Mr Joao Gomes-Pedro, he discusses the history and philosophy of CMAS and the future of international dive training. We also discuss the new term that scuba divers should be aware of: “Aquaticity” A diver having the ability and skills to be confident in the water.


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Britannic Expedition. Intvw w/ Richie Kohler

Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic’s Tragic Sister Britannic. (new book)

Interview with Richie Kohler at DEMA 2015 about his expeditions to the HMS Britannic and his new book about the same. < PD-172: AUDIO PODCAST>

For more info about the book goto:

Direct Download of PD172 Audio File.

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INSPIRATION CCR-Rebreather interview w/ Martin Parker.

Interview with Martian Parker of AP Diving about the Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather. PD171: We discuss, the development history, CE approval and what's new in 2015 for Inspiration CCR. Including; the new color Vision Electronics and HUS.
<Free Audio Download>

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Shipwreck Research in the Azores

Five hundred years of shipwreck history. We interview Dr Jose Neto and Dr Pedro Parreira. Marine Archeologists at the Azores Regional Directory of Culture. We discuss the rich nautical history of the Azores and shipwreck diving in the Azores.


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Dry caving on Terceira Island

We explore Algar do Carvão, a volcanic vent located in the central part of the island of Terceira. We interview Laura Barbosa from Association of Mountaineers Azores. Terceira has over 60 dry lava caves. Cave exploring is amazing way to spend the day when you can't go diving.

For more info about the caves of Terceira. Goto


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Whales in the Azores

Interview w/ Cetacean Biologist Miranda van der Linde from FUTURISMO. About whale biology, habitat protection and educating the public about the various cetacean species in the Azores.

For more info contact WWW.FUTURISMO.PT


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Post dive interview with PADI Master Instructor and Marine Biologist Bruno Sergio of the BEST SPOT AZORES Dive Center. Joe Cocozza along with Jill Heinerth talk with Bruno about the diving on Sao Miguel Island and the unique marine ecology of the Azores. BEST SPOT Dive Center is located on the marina in Sao Miguel Island and they are a  PADI 100% AWARE 5* Dive Resort and Aqualung Partner Center. For more information about diving with them contact Bruno on Facebook at:



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Sao Miguel Azores: Sound Scene Tour

Sound Scene Tour of a night in Sao Migual Island. With Jill Heinerth and Renee Powers. We visit a Portuguese Naval SAR Frigate and get a tour of the ship by First Marine Luis Gonçalves! We then head to the Ponta Delgado Marina for an amazing dinner and discussion of the scuba diving in the Azores.


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Scuba on TERCEIRA Island

Interview with Devin Leary owner of ARRAIA DIVERS in Terceria Azores. We talk about the great potenial for cave and shipwreck exploration of this Mid Atlantic Island.

Projecto Azores Podcast: PD-164


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DPV Technology

Diver Propulsion Vehicles: Interview with Will Baxter of DIVE XTRAS about new Diver Propulsion Vehicle Technology and diving in the Pacific Northwest.

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AIR-SEA-LAND Productions

PD-162: Interview with Anthony Lenzo of AIR SEA LAND Productions. ASL is a multifaceted video production company that specializes in Underwater Broadcast and Feature Film production. We discuss video production and future of underwater video equipment.

Direct download: PD162.mp3
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Light & Motion: Video Lighting Discussion

PD-160 Interview with Danial Emerson from Light & Motion about there new STELLA lights for Electronic News Gathering and topside video production. This interview was conducted at the NAB (National Assoc of Broadcasters) Convention in Las Vegas NV.

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HammerHead CCR & H3 Dive Computer

PD159 Interview with Josh Thorton the President of SubGravity (the parent company of HammerHead CCR). Josh talks about the HammerHead "Build a Rebreather Site" and the the new H3 Dive Computer.

Direct download: PD159.mp3
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1. Post beneath the Sea. BTS 2007 post-mortem.
2. D.A.N. Tech Time with Richard Vann PhD.
3. Deep Cave Cave exploration interview with Brett Hemphill


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Twin Dees Cave Exploration

PD158: Interview with Bret Hemphill of Karst Underwater Research. About the expedition to join the Weeki Watchi and Twin Dees caves systems.

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EDGE DIVE GEAR Review for 2015

PD157: EDGE-HOG Dive Gear Review. Interview with Jack Schmidt, Ops Manager for Edge Dive Gear.

Direct download: PD157.mp3
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Diving the Superfortress

PD156: <audio> Diving the B-29 Wreck in Lake Mead.

Interview with Joel Silverstein of Tech Diving Ltd about diving the USAF B-29 Superfortress Bomber in Lake Mead.

For more info about diving this historic wreck, contact Joel at TDL

Direct download: PD156.mp3
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SCUBAPRO 2015 Gear Update

PD155: <audio> SCUBAPRO 2015 Gear Update.
Audio Interview at BTS 2015 with Brad Lally, Product Director at Scubapro. We discuss, Scubapro's new cold water piston regulator, Trufit dive masks, Sidemount BCs and biometrics for scuba diving.

Direct download: PD155.mp3
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Tech Diving and the aging diver.

PD154: <audio>

Dr. Neal Pollock at DAN discusses the issues surrounding aging and technical diving.

Dr. Pollock is the Research Director at Divers Alert Network. Also, a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Also, he is a Board member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Foundation.

Direct download: PD154.mp3
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Dive Rite Experience Tour at Dutch Springs.

The 2015 Dive Rite demo of its full line of Recreational and Technical gear at Dutch Springs Quarry (75 miles from New York City). Divers got to try out: high power dive lights, sidemount and  the Opt2ma Rebreather. We talked the divers about there experiences.


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CCR Pre-Breathing Study.

PD152: Interview with Dr. Simon Mitchell MD ~ PhD.  About his DAN Study on the effectiveness of pre-breathing a CCR to determine CO2 leakage in the breathing loop. Dr Mitchell it the 2015 winner of the DAN / Rolex Diver of the Year Award

Direct download: PD152.mp3
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Dive Rite 2015 Update

PD151: <audio> DIVE RITE Equipment Update 2015

Jared Hires reviews new equipment for 2015. Including The LX20, a compact, handheld primary light, And..The HunterPac BCD;  which combines  features of  technical and recreational BCD for Spear fishermen and/or Underwater Photographers.

Direct download: PD151.mp3
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Phantom Deep Cave System Exploration.

PD150: Interview with Brett Hemphill of Karst Underwater Explorers about setting the cave diving deep/penetration record at The Phantom Cave System in West Texas.

Direct download: PD150.mp3
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PD149: Intrw w/ Dr Neal Pollock: Research Director at Divers Alert Network about Thermal Physiology & effects on Decompression Stress in Diving

Direct download: PD149.mp3
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PD 148:  Sound Scene Tour of the Beneath the 2015 Sea Consumer Scuba Expo. Talk with Susan Long at DUI, Joel at Light Monkey and Mike Fowler at SDS.

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Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

Tour of The History of Diving Museum and Research Library with Angela Albanese.
The Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting artifacts, antiques, books, documents, photographs and oral history relative to the History of Diving.

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Great American Outdoor Show 2015

The Great American Outdoor Show 2015: Sound Scene Tour
In this podcast we go slightly off topic and cover other outdoor adventure sports such as African Safaris, hunting, shooting and fishing.

SUBSCRIBE via iTunes

Time Code:
00:45 - Show Intro. I interview Lars Dalseide, Communications Manager for National Rifle Association about the Great American Outdoor Show: A show about all things in the shooting sports, fishing, boating, archery, hunting and camping.
08:28 - WOW AFRICA. Interview with Linky Kirsten about hunting and photo safaris in South Africa
18:02 - Porta Boat. The boat that you can fold up.
21:31 - Bass fishing demo.
27:00 - A.R.E. The ultimate custom truck for your action adventure lifestyle.
29:30 - How to cook venison. <nom nom nom>
30:54 - Hank Sauce; The perfect sauce for all your wild game, fish and burgers too!
32:40 - “Hunts for Healing” a program to help our combat vets

Show Links: (for more info check out)
WOW Africa      ~
Porta Bote         ~
A.R.E. Trucks     ~
Hank Sauce        ~

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 Underwater Communications at the NEAQ

PD144 <audio> discussion of: Underwater communications at the New England Aquarium. I interview John Hanzl, the DSO (Dive Safety Officer) about the underwater comm system at the New England Aquarium (NEAQ) Mr. Hanzl is not only a DSO he is also an experienced Broadcast Engineer and he brings these skills sets in setting up the comm system the Aquarium’s  “Giant Ocean Tank”. #poddiver #NEAQ #podcast #OutofHellsKitchen #aquaman


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Underwater Fluorescence

PD143 <audio> Interview with Charles Mazel, PhD about the technolgy and develpoment of underwater florescence. And the applications of florescence for diving, bio-tech and marine biology. For addl info: goto NIGHTSEA


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SST Andrea Doria

PD142: <audio> Sound Scene Tour of a 2001 expedition to the Andrea Doria onboard the RV SEEKER. Gart Gentile goes over deck plans between dives and discusses how the wreck is starting to collapse.


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