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SEGEMENT 1 Annual NSS-CDS Workshop: “2010: an Innerspace Odyssey” May 21-23, 2010…. Otter Springs, Florida 

SEGMENT 2: Interview with Dr. Thomas J. Goreau about Coral Reef Restoration and the use of BioRock  Dr. Goreau is the President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance. The GCRA is a coalition of volunteer scientists, divers, environmentalists and other individuals and organizations, committed to coral reef preservation. Global Coral Reef Alliance   37 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA

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SEGMENT 1:AMIGOS DIVE CENTER. Interview with Wayne Kinard. Amigos Dive Center. 5472 SW Elim Church Rd Ft. White, FL 32038 (386) 497-3876

SEGMENT 2: Voyage of the Scarlet Knight, The First Underwater Glider to Cross the Atlantic Ocean. Interview with Dan Crowell about the project. Rutgers University's underwater vehicle successfully navigates an ocean. Unlike other underwater drones, RU27 and its kin are able to travel without the aid of a propeller. Instead, they move up and down through the top 100 to 200 meters of seawater by adjusting their buoyancy while gliding forward using their swept-back wings. With this strategy, they can go a remarkably long way on a remarkably small amount of energy.

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